The WASP-Tool was tested, in real conditions, by three waste management authorities: DEDISA (Chania) and ESDAK (Heraklion Crete) in Greece, and Paralimni Municipality in Cyprus. The implementation of the tool resulted in:

  1. The development of the Waste Prevention Strategy for each municipality; and 
  2. The promotion and application of the four best prevention actions in each region. 

Three of the pilot actions were common in all three municipalities and related to campaigns for reduction of food waste, the promotion of home composting and the promotion of reusable shopping bags. The fourth pilot action differed in each municipality according to the priorities set by the waste management authorities. So:

  1. In the Municipality of Chania outdoor Exchange Libraries were installed. 
  2. In the Municipality of Heraklion, a network of collection bins for shoes and clothing was created. 
  3. In the Municipality of Paralimni reusable water bottles were distributed to kindergarten and primary school kids, in order to reduce plastic waste from bottled water. 

Information on the abovementioned waste prevention actions are provided below.

Office Waste Prevention

Food Waste Prevention

Home Composting

Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable Water Bottle

Clothing Collection Bins

Exchange Library Kiosks