Heraklio: Distribution of reusable bags

On Saturday, 22th of May at 11.00 pm, the United Association of Solid Waste Management in Crete (ESDAK) will run a public event at Kallergon Square (outside Lontzia) during which 10,000 reusable bags will be distributed to the citizens of the Municipallity of Heraklio.

The main target of this event is to enhance the use of reusable bags by the consumers during shopping at the super markets so as to reduce the common plastic bags that have so many negative effects for the environment. A motive to encourage the adoption of such an environmentally friendly behavior will be the provision of a 1% discount on the amount of purchases from the partner Super Market chains, every time a citizen uses the reusable bag. At the moment the super market chains “Faistos” and “Chalkiadakis” have agreed to join but in the near future more shops are expected to support this action.

At the same time, at the semi-outdoor space of Lontzia, a video will be displayed concerning food waste prevention. Citizens may register for the seminar “Better Diet – Less Waste”. Additionally, a briefing on the “red bin” that is used to collect clothes and footwear and other planned activities of the association on environmental awareness issues will take place.

This event is organized within the European project LIFE10 ENV/GR/622 (WASP Tool) that ESDAK is currently implementing in cooperation with Harokopio University and aims to develop policies and actions that prevent waste generation. It is noted that both the distribution of reusable bags and the red bin were derived by the results of the WASP-Tool implementation.

These actions are part of a wider program of environmental events that has been developed by ESDAK aimed at informing citizens about the proper management of solid waste, so as they gradually develop an "environmental mentality", according to which waste is considered as a resource.

The event is sponsoredby the radio stations KISS FM 9.61, ALPHANEWS 106,2 and MUSIC CLUB 105,8.