Kalliopi Sapountzaki

Associate Professor -Applied Geography with emphasis in Spatial Planning and Protection from Natural Disasters
Office No 4.3.a, New Bld
Department of Geography
Harokopio University
70 El. Venizelou Str., Kallithea- Athens
Post Box: 17671

Ph.: +30-2109549161
Fax: +30-2109514759


Diploma in Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, 1980

Master of Arts (MA) in Urban Design, University of Manchester, 1981.

Phd in Management of Natural Disasters and Spatial Planning, Department of Town and Regional Spatial Planning, National Technical University of Athens, 1990.

Research Interests

-Geographies of Risk and Vulnerability with respect to Seismic Disasters, Forest Fires and other versions of Natural Disasters.
- Management of Vulnerability, Resilience and Risk.
- Risk Mitigation and its Integration in Urban and Regional Planning.
- Urban and Regional Spatial Planning.
- Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning.
- Territorial Governance, Risk Governance, Urban Governance.

Books and edited books (selection)

Sapountzaki, K., 2001: Emergency Evacuation of the Population in case of an Earthquake, Handbook No3. Published by the European Centre on Prevention and Forecasting of Earthquakes (ECPFE) and the Greek Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (in greek and english), Athens.

Sapountzaki, K., 2005: “Freight Transport in Athens: An Unavoidable Evil or a Planning Failure?”. In the book Transporto Urbano (Urban Transport), by Venezia El. (ed.), Franco Angeli, Milano, pp. 119-145.

Sapountzaki K. and M. Dandoulaki, 2006: “Coping with Seismic Risk in Greece: The Traditional Merits of the System and the Challenges of the Future”. In the book Natural Hazards and Spatial Planning in Europe, by Fleischhauer M., S. Greiving and S. Wanczura (eds), partly financed by the European Commission, Bau- und Planungsliteratur, Dortmund, Germany, pp. 77-95.

Sapountzaki, K., (editor, co-author and translator), 2007: Tomorrow At Risk. Gutenberg Publications (in greek), Athens.

Wassenhoven, L. and K. Sapountzaki, 2009: “Il Difficile Percorso della Governance Territoriale Nei Paesi Europei” (“The Uneven Path of Territorial Governance in the European Countries”). In the book La Costruzione del Territorio Europeo. Sviluppo, Coesione, Governance, by Governa F., U. Janin-Rivolin and M. Santangelo (eds.), Carocci Editore, Rome, pp.141-171.

Wassenhoven, L., K. Sapountzaki, E. Asprogerakas, E. Gianniris, Th. Pagonis, 2010: Territorial Governance: Theoretical issues, the European Experience and the Case of Greece. Kritiki Publications (in greek), Athens.

Sapountzaki, K. and A. Papachatzi, 2010: “Private Resilience Responses against Collective Recovery Interests: The Case of Mega-Fires of August 2007, Ilia, Greece”. In D.S. Miller and J.D. Rivera (Eds.) Community Disaster Recovery and Resiliency: Global Opportunities and Challenges. Auerbach. pp 495-522.

Recent publications in refereed journals (selection)

Sapountzaki, K. and H. Karka, 2001: “The Element of Sustainability in the Greek Statutory Spatial Planning System: A Real Operational Concept or a Political Declaration?”. European Planning Studies, 9, 3, pp.407-426.

Sapountzaki, K., 2005, “Coping with Seismic Vulnerability: Small Manufacturing Firms in Western Athens”. Disasters, 29, 2, pp. 195-212.

Sapountzaki, K. and L. Wassenhoven , 2005: “Consensus Building and Sustainability: Some Lessons from an Adverse Local Experience in Greece”. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 7, 4, pp.433-452.

Sapountzaki, K., 2007: “Social Resilience to Environmental Risks: A Mechanism of Vulnerability Transfer?”. Management of Environmental Quality, 18, 3, pp. 274-297.

Sapountzaki, K., 2010: “Risk Re-production Cycles and Risk Positions in the Social and Geographical Space. Journal of Risk Research, 13, 4, pp. 411-427.


Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

Risk and Vulnerability : Prevention and Preparedness

Local Sustainable Development and Social Resistance

Περιβαλλοντικοί Κίνδυνοι: Κανονιστικές Ρυθμίσεις και Πολυεπίπεδη Διακυβέρνηση

Environmental Hazards: Regulatory Framework and Multilevel Governance